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Purrfect illustration ► 'If it fits I sits.'

'Albert' is so cute with his funny nose :) [ Video @albertbabycat]

Cute Copy Cat ♥ Funny kitty wants to sleep like his father

 “Baby 'Roo' trying to imitate 'Mutlu'.” “OMG the cuteness! I just about...died. I'll be sending y'all my medical bill.” [ Video @happycatfamily]

No, you cannot has cheezburger...

Image funny cat! HaHa!

Monday morning, when you discover your super lazy cats (It's a shame!)

“What 'super lazy' cats? Nope, we're not lazy, we're just on energy saving mode because CATurday, that's the truth.” [Video: Cynthia Moon]

I've seen things I would never wish...

 ...on any cat to see!

Wow, purrfect jump! Kitty didn't want to get his beans wet...

“Cats are such a perfectionist. I adore their skills sooo much.” “Powerful legs. A human can't do that.” “Campeón de salto largo.” “When there is a water crossing on the bicycle ride!” “Such an elegant jump.” “Campione del mondo di salto in lungo con medaglia d’oro! Complimenti!”  👏 “Nice hang time. Beautiful leap!” “Son super flexibles y a la vez parecieran de goma.” “I would land face first in the water, haha!” “What a jump. This kitty sponsored PUMA™.” “Que genio este michinooo.” ❤️