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Funny cat boxing hard from his fort: right hooks <=> Left hooks

“My crazy Cat 'Billoo' from his latest ambush spot!” “Don't touch my new house!” [Video: billo the cat]

BOOM! Funny cat plays dead after a finger gun shoot...

“ Come sparare a un Gatto .” (Italian cat) How to shoot a cat. [Video: Carmine Migliaccio]

Happy kitten is like a little 'gazelle-rabbit-cheetah' jumping and running in the backyard

“I'm happy because it's Saturday! Yeah...Life is good especially during the weekend.”

Depressed cat wearing pajamas: “What have I done with my cat life?”

“I'm the sleepy cat and everyday is my night-night time.” “CATurday, Procrastination Mode activated.” [ Video @utacci]

Clumsy cat totally forgot how to cat :)

Epic fail but at least he tried, haha. [ Video @coracats]

Cinemagraph • 2 cats scared from a terrifying thunderstorm

“Dude I think that the end of the World is near!” “Yeah, very near but we have 8 lives left....”