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2 white cats with super natural PAWers, haha!

“Poor Usain bolt and Marc Marquez: RIP +.” “Thankfully my cat doesn’t injure people when he’s watching sports on TV.” “And they say only BLACK cats are bad luck, haha...” “Serial killers. No mercy!” [ Video @kiss__meow]

Gorgeous cat with a purrfect fur 💗 HEART on nose/mouth

”Boom...Boom... Look how much I love 💕 you, my human.”

Cute kitten gently playing with Mama's tail

Purrfect kitten toy: not expen$ive + infinite loop :) [Video: cutekittencat]

Don't lick red hot chili peppers, it burns burns burns!

Ceiling cat 1: “Poor guy, huge mistake, now he's fire eating!” Ceiling cat 2: “Yeah, we must call the fire department.”

Playful pets. At first cat attacks but then, bunny gets revenge!

“Sorry kItty but the couch is mine!” “Attack => <= counter-attack.” [Video: funny cat videos @]

Amazing spider cat climbing a vertical wall like a boss

 Because claws… Because CAT! [Video: TrollsdeGeek]