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“Mom said I look like a 'Super fluffy Kewpie Doll'” :)

“I love this amazing cat. Looks just like us when we wake up monday morning. I want to pet him, he's so fluffy!" “Me, every Monday morning...” [ Video @barnaby_persian] 

“Please, gimme a glass of milk.” (milk Shop for thirsty cats)

“So cute, so funny. Let's open milk Shops for our kitties.”  [ Video @catsnet]

When a sneaky slice of ham attacks your hungry cat

“NOT funny, human! I’m so sick of your sh*t! Sooner or later I will end you.” [Video: Henry Fawcett]

1... 2... 1... 2... Slowly kneading the air, because...CAT :)

Close up on cute pink & black jelly bean toes. “When your cat makes AIR BISCUITS .” [ Video @sousandangerous]

And suddenly...a weird cat scratches his butt on the carpet (but why?)

“They Told Me I Could Be Anything I Wanted, So I Became A Døg.” [Video: Sato]

Meercat army is ready to fight

Caution, they are legion and they're ferocious!!