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The way Mama cat looks her sweet baby: Extreme 💕 Love

“So adorable. I want to kiss the little baby.” "Q coisa mais linda!" “She/he is so small.”   "Que dulce mamá. Me derrite el alma!" “Ultimate cuteness” "Que ternura de mami.  Que mamá más preciosa." “Tiny baby but huge love.” "L'amour maternel est au-dessus de tous les amours..." “Cute mini BLEP at the end :)” "Aww adorabili!"

1, 2, 3, 4...10! Crazy cat knocking ALL the water bottles onto the kitchen ground, haha

 “This my cat 'Donald', being a jerk knocking bottles over. I read somewhere that Cats just like to watch things hit the ground. He could just be testing gravity?” [Video: ruppie213]

Affectionate cat loves so much to be slowly petted with tenderness

 “Mmmmm... don't stop Mom, I like sweet head rubs.” “So good, he falls asleep...” [ Video @ami____5]

2 funny cats desperately trying to get into the food cupboard, haha!

These 2 kitties think if they dig hard enough they can get to the food, haha. “Purrfect Copycat.” [Video: Pepe & Treacle]

Lazy cat doing his morning fitness kneading the air in a funny way

 “WHAT 'Lazy'? I feel very tired and this is my last energy for my morning fitness.” [ Video @cat_my_boss]

Funny colorful cat meowing repetitively

He is not happy, it's time to feed him... Version without caption