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When your favorite snack starts!

'Bailey' the Ragdoll is so damn gorgeous ♥ [ Video @baileyragdoll]

OMG! Toilet paper roll killer strikes again!

“A Cat pushing the envelope of Art. My Cat roommate is AN ARTIST. He often works in these beautiful installations using common household items. And he really loves what he does.” “Mwahaha, little monster. Adopt a cat they said, they're so cute they said...” [Video: CE54R]

Surprised 'Smoothie': “I saw the dirt on places where it doesn’t belong…

…but I’m as surprised as you are.” “Beautiful QUEEN of FLUFF” 💖 [ Video @smoothiethecat]

Crazy cat running upside down (?) in circles under kitchen chairs

“Haha, he forgot how to cat. I think he is broken, you should send it back!” “Nada es más divertido y juguetón que un gato, mi gato hacía lo mismo.” "La mia gattina fa la stessa cosa, ma intorno al divano." "Trop de Catnip et voilà le résultat, le chat a pété une durite, LOL." 😂 [ Video @Trish Pentecost]

3 funny Abyssinian kittens bobbing their heads in purrfect sync

 “So cute! I love it when they start touching each other. You can just imagine what they are thinking in their heads. This toy is mine, not for you.” [ Video @virinka]

Proud blue cat with flashing laser eyes....

...tries to impress his humans! “Mode DOMINATION activated! Cats rule the World.” “Come to the dark side, we have catnip and...cookies!”