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Ninja cat slapping a dangerous tiny RC Helicopter

“The Silverlit Nano Falcon Deluxe Edition” (world’s smallest RC helicopter) vs. my cat.” “And the winner is...” “Where are you? Are you OK?” [Video: Krzysztof Smejlis]

Liquid cat: “If I fits, I sits and if I don’t fits, I TRY to sits”

Hiding from problems be like (OK, It's easier than solving them, but those problems remain) “Incredible catortionist!” "Une nouvelle race de chat sans os : le chat-Tupperware® :)" [ Video @__akira_akira__]

Curious exotic shorthair kitty chilling in its whisker bed/basket

“SUP.” “Excuse me Mom,  what are doing with your phone? Are you filming me?” [ Video @chilli_cattery]

CATurday morning • Lazy Maru chilling on his cow...

“I love you my sweet cow, do you understand?“ “'Maru' is really relaxed, except for his tail :)” "Quand le confinement est de retour pour - tenter - d'enrayer la 2e vague de la COVID et que tu déprimes grave au lieu de télétravailler..." [Video: maru mugumogu]

Angry cat is boxing hard: right hook...right hook! (infinite loop)

Owner: “The most exercise he’s had all day, haha.” [Video: Dorkygamers]

Amazing Cat lying down on stomach and wagging his BIG tail

“They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became a HAPPY DØG.” “Funny and weird tail.” “They're evolving >> Cat >> Catdøg.” [Video: NUKOOOOO @ YouTube]