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An in-cre-di-ble spider cat lives under ceiling in its hammock!!!

“Pawesome and impressive feline!” “Woah! So strong and graceful cat.” “Naruto ops hit different.” “F*ck you, hoomans. Now I'm in my FORT. Catch me if you can!” "Quand ton chat Ninja grimpe dans son lit suspendu pour y faire une petite sieste :/"

Hungry & possessive kitten: “It’s mine right MEOOOW!!!”

His crazy face is like “I want it, I SAiD I WANT iT!” “Human: Let it gooooooooooo! Kitty: neveeeerrrrrrrr!!!” “Cute kitties but in reality >> little monsters.” 😁 “Quand tu réalises que ton chaton mignon est en réalité un petit montre féroce.”

They're evolving! 2 cats playing ball better than humans

“When you have 2 funny and graceful cats in your house, you don’t need to go to the circus.” “Super numéro: ils sont prêts pour travailler au 'Cirque du soleil'.”

How to organize a 'Tupperware party' for playful kitties

Step A: bring five playful kittens Step B: bring five Kitty tubs (tupperware containers) Step C: “3...2...1... Let's go! PARTY HARD!” “They are having such a fun time, haha snuzzy kitties!” “C'est la nouvelle collection de Tupperware, spéciale 'Chatons joueurs.'” [ Video @love2foster]

“My crazy cat wants to see what's around the corner...”

“Fuck*ng tail... GOTCHA! (Oops, it hurts) “Crazy purrsuit, haha.” "C'est le chat qui se mord la queue pour passer le temps durant le confinement. On s’occupe comme on peut..." [Video:  Colin Long]

Waffles ambush • Sneaky Catattack on stairs!

“Wait for it!” “Come at me Bro.” [Video: Andy Stein]