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(Lunch time)8 • Purrrrrrrrr...

Mama cat looks so relaxed and happy with her 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 babies! “Cute milk machine in action.” "Régalez-vous les enfants, mon corps est à vous..."

Crazy Sphynx kitten is brave but but he forgot how to fight!

“The fluffy one is like: ' Did I...did I break it? Is it okay? Can I touch it? Is it gonna do that again?'” “Is that some kind of crazy snake or something?” "Quand ton chaton Ninja a déjà l'esprit guerrier mais pas encore la technique qui va avec :D" “When bae wants to cuddle but you go in full mortal combat mode.” “That's the biggest mouse I've ever seen, haha!” “Ninja kitty gone wild, HaHa poor little thing!”

Cinemagraph • Cat completely mesmerized by girl's butt: “What kind of sorcery is this?”

“How does she manage to do that?!” Siamese: “Hey Mr cat, look, I can twerk faster and HOTTER than human.”

“Oh nooooo! Huge mistake, I regret this bad decison!”

Curiosity and cats:  a long story... “HALP! What a desperate face, the game is over: SPLASH!” “Poor kitty, she's gonna get scratched so bad.” "Il y a des jours où l'on ferait mieux de rester au lit.” 😆

'Tyatora' and 'Shiro' looking like grandmas enjoying a sunny day

“Yes Sir, we are sitting in the sun to warm our old bones.” “Funny babushkas (Russian grannies) made in Japan :)” “Do you mean Babush CATS ?” 😆 “😭 Shiro & Tyatora , we miss you...” 💔 💔 [Video:  かご猫]  

Attack of the killer toaster! Curious cat is startled :)

“My cat is very curious and he jumped on the counter as I was making toast. I knew he would be startled when the toaster…” [Video: L. R-V]