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Little Prince is not happy but sooo ♥ cuuute!

“ROOOAR! I'm a wild lion, the new King of the Savannah. ” “Oh my god! I can so hear the little squeaky mews in my head!  So tiny and wobbly at that age. She needs to be snuggled ASAP!” "Que coisinha mais linda." "Attention la bête féroce est en colère, elle rugit et ça va saigner car c'est le fils du Roi de la Savane ^^" "Amorcito divino." ♥ “What an adorable ferocious highly evolved murder machine.” "O que é que meu bbzinho réi pigoito rei quer? Tão liiiiiiiiiiiiindo." [ Video @cattery_greycat]

When your cat is judging you, every single damn thing you do :/

“Seriously Human, you’re doing it wrong, your poor life is...shitty!” “I see what you did there, shame on you.” [ Video @J. Smith]

Funny & clever kitty making bread
with famous Chef, Gordon Ramsay

“Trust me humans, best bread and biscuits are made by cat paws not by your hands.” [ Video @Littlemunchiepooky]

Check out this weird cat with a tiny hairless body

His body looks like a chicken , haha! 😂 And the reverse: cat with a huge body and a tiny head

Check out the 'DinoCat', a weird cat with an amazing DiNOSAUR haircut

Owner: “'Ruffles' have ridges and so do I!” “That TAiL!” 😁 [ Video @mr_cheeto_meowstache]

Fearful cat gets scared of giant squirrel on Television and runs away

“'Pete' the Cat loves chasing squirrels in the garden. I noticed her watching the TV so I put on a YT video called 'Videos for cats'. As you can see she was transfixed, but got scared when the giant squirrel made eye contact, hahaha.” [Video: ViralHog]