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How to roll a cute little Purrito

“I want that burrito not to eat but to give it my love...” “Quarantine has turned me into an overstuffed purrito.” “I’m guessing that Billy would not let you turn him into a burrito.” “You got some lettuce hanging out the top.” "Quand, durant ce 2e confinement, tu te remets à faire la cuisine en préparant un burrito de chaton." “Welcome to motherhood.” “Hazlo con galileo así de bonitu.” “Wahhhh I miss when they are this small.” “OMG, such a tolerant kitty! My crazy kitten would take my eyes if I tried this hahaha.” “Kan du inte göra en loui burrito.” “LMAO! I love how the kity is like “WTF is going on bro, I'm just tryna vibe!” [ Video @olivee_yaa]

Hilarious ginger cat trying to catch the fishy
but messing up and flipping the laptop!

“Oh my gosh, that is soooo flipping funny!” “I love when cat do the squiggly attack dance.” "Últimamente en vez de trabajar, le dejo el ordenador a mi gato loco jajajjajaa!" “He went all in to kill that fish.” “So funny. A fish twist..” “Poor kitty can't get da fish.” “Charging Ultimate Attack!” “Well, cat.exe has encountered a problem.” “Look at me fish. I'm a fluffy dolphin!” “Super smash!” “This cat pulled an ultimate finishing move.” “Outtaaa nowheeere!!!” 🤣 “I think your kitty short circuited.” [ Video @leoscatdays] When your happy cat is doing the fish dance! PARTY HARD!

Funny cat proudly riding his giant crab toy.
“They see me rollin', they hatin'”

“Humans must have been to THE CRABBY CRAB and home came the leftovers!” [ Video @rillwillhome]

When you try your best but you don't succeed :(

You need to know that it is possible and not the end of the world. The thing that makes success valuable is that it's never guaranteed. It does not matter if you are trying to climb up a high pole, never give up, try again and again and again, until you win!

Washing machines are best TV & spinning toys for playful kitties

“Damned, gonna catch my wet blanket!”

Maine Coon cat and umbrella cockatoo are best friends

“9 month old Maine Coon (Jackson) and 10 year old Umbrella Cockatoo (Cali) are the best of friends and 'Jackson' gently places his arm around her.” “What an adorable couple of buddies.” “Come at me white Bro.” [Video: alacali333]