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Finn’s way to “Step into Christmas ♫♪” (Elton John)

“No impurrsible mission, I can do it!” “Poor Xmas tree, its' a BIG HEAVY cat!” “This is my new cat house.” [TikTok @purrfect_pals]

'Morris' and his snowman are best friends

“Woah, that's the biggest and most beautiful snowman ever! ❄ And you are an amazing sweetheart, 'Morris'!” “Yep, great snowman and super cool cat.” “That’s pawesome!“ “Funny 'Morris', I hope you were not too cold (i mean your paws)” “That’s pretty cool 'Morris', you ride your snowman instead of a sleigh.” “Wow, Funny cat on awesome snowman! For sure he has strong arms!” “Oh this is so cute! The two of u look fabulous together.” “Hahaha, we love it 'Morris'. Frosty looks like a cool sort of guy!” “Love the coordinating outfits: white and red!” “Wow! Now that’s a wonderful snow man, good spot to perch on, 'Morris'.” “Wow impressive 😃 you buddy and your snowman are both incredible.” “You look so cute and fluffy, dear 'Morris' [Video @morris_the_persian_cat]

Funny kitty trying hard to catch a Xmas bauble

'Cleo' the kitten: “I do not like this silver bauble!”  “Any tips for keeping 'Cleo' away from the tree fail! She seems to jump higher and higher everyday to get the ornament. HaHa, sweet little monster!” [Video @cleo_the_cat]