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'Lily' likes the pretty red shinies (aka speed bag)

“Haha, least destructive cat playing with Christmas tree that I’ve ever seen. At the very least someone usually needs to put the ornaments back on the tree.” “NO destruction, this year gotta be cute for the hoomans because they feed me..." -------------------------- “Looks like she's really boxing.” “ Kitty speed bag!” “Boxing day.” “Boxer working on their speed bag technique.” “Tiny boxing bag. This is how chubby cats keep fit.” “Tyson Purry.” “Boxer training on a speed bag.” “It’s Purry Bulboa, the new boxer.” “Great exercise for the chonker.” “PAWesome persistence!” “Should call her Rocky.” ------------------------------- “I didn't know it was legal to own a pet raccoon.” “The cat actually looks like a massive squirrel to me.”l “That's a weird looking chinchilla.” “Lily's a mini kangaroo.” “That is the largest chinchilla-raccon I've ever seen haha.” ------------------------------- “Hmmm.. look at that belly... Lily needs a diet.” “She likes cakes and chocol

Beautiful Santa Cat with a funny and cute looking face

“Don't be a Grinch 'Willow', Christmas is coming, BE HAPPY!” “I'm 'Willow' a beautiful little Florida girl born with a fuzzy heart shaped nose. Kind people are my kind of people.” “Omg. I. Can’t. Even with that face.” "Que preciosa mamá Noel." “Aww so sweet looking.” "Menina Noel mais linda...Willow, noelzinha!! É muito fofa!" ”What an adorable outfit! I hope you and your furmily had a wonderful Christmas and may you and your furmily have a happy and healthy New Year!” [ Video @willowthebeautifulcat]

Amazing Xmas tree full of black flashing kitties