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“Is there anything more invigorating than playing in the snow like 'Murray' the floof ginger?”

“Such majestic snow cat! Have fun 'Murray'.” “'Murray  is enjoying it all: snow, wind and cold!” “Absolutely gorgeous kitty.” ❤️ “You sure make it look fun sweetie.” “'Murray' likes playing like a crazy kid in the snow!” “Huge & beautiful tail like a snow fox.” [ Video @estebancat, New York]

Super Mom breastfeeding and grooming her babies at the same

“Such a good Momma! Sometimes its so amazing to see nature at work. It can be all instinct, there is something beyond that when you see this kind of thing.” “Cute ♥ '2 Two in 1 one'.” [ Video @kesyacaat]

My cat i$ rich, very very rich, richer than you!

And his name is 'Dollar', Guess why? 😋

Excessive and funny reaction to nose *BOOP* ► Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

“When the *BOOP* kicks in. It's like a button that comes on toys. You press it and the cat toy moves, haha.” [Video: Cleo Adrianna

Funny Shower time. When your cat forgot how to drink

“A clumsy ginger cat puts its head under a faucet while perched next to a sink and tries to drink the water but FAILS and it rolls down his face for a few minutes.” "Sei tu che fai la doccia, HAHA." “Mlem Mlem Mlem...” [ Video @klassnyikolbasnyi]