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Poor cat under the falling snow stuck at the top of an electricity pole...

...between dangerous cables before being rescued!  👍 “Thank you my good human, you saved my life, I was freezing minute by minute...”

Amazing kitten working out its butt & left leg like a human :)

1... 2...  1... 2... “. Do as many reps as you need to feel your muscles really working. . Repeat for 3-5 rounds. . Do a leg and butt workout at least 3 times a week, OK?” - "Meow...” 😺

Zen Cattitude • Kitty wearing a large bath cap falling asleep in her bath...

“Some sophisticated Cat. I think the Kitty is really enjoying her warm bath, she can jump out but it does not. My Cats wouldn't stand for this for a millisecond!” [Video Source: 美拍 @facebook]

THOSE EYES! *Hunting mode* activated because she is watching her toy

“My fav part is when she plops down and gets ready for action!” “It's looks like a reaction to horror movie. I guess what movie she is watching? May be Zombies eating cat brains, haha?” “Wow, such an expressive face! I was scared just watching the Cat!” “Long whiskers!” [ Video @happycatfamily]

Amazing interspecies friendship. Kitten and owl, head to head ♥ ♥

“Funny owl, he's happy, look at his left eye: closed ;)”