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Double sneak attack in purrfect sync: resistance is futile

“Aww, so cute, first time I wish I could be attacked by little ninja killers.” “Big bro takes the lead, Lil bro follows his back, what they plan to do is a wild sneak attack!” “They're like copycats.” “Olympic synchronised sneak attack!” “What did they attack?! (their sleepy hooman? Little monsters)” “The patterning on both of these cats is SO gorgeous!”

4 cute kittens sleeping in their box-bed & 2 playful kitties above them

“Wake up lazy brothers & sisters, wake up it's play time!” [ Video @matatabi_neko_house]

Feral cat likes to walk through "human tunnel" between legs

“Purrrrrrr… Hello dear cat lover ♥, I love you, feed me plz.”

“Hey, come to the dark side, Bro. We have cookies...

...and fresh canip and sexy kitties!” “Hmmm... I sense danger... It's a trap...”

Oh my... Crazy cat goes nuts on couch

“Honeeeeeeeeeeey, call the exorcist..AGAiN!”