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Affectionate ♥ cat: “Pleaaase human, give me head boops.”

Thank you, one more plz...  “Come on hooman love me.” “Come on hooman love me and pet me.” “Come on hooman, love me and pet me and...feed me!” “Aww... My cats don't head boop, and I'm kind of sad they don't (may be they don't love me :(” “That's a sweet cat with a big 💕 heart.”

Funny reaction: hilarious kitten goes crazy over omelet(te)!

This is a five-month-old rescued kitten named 'Mini' who tries to sniff and taste an omelet(te) for the first time. She didn't understand what was put down for her, which is why such a funny reaction occurred. She begins to jump and dance around it, touches it with her left paw and she's afraid to eat it. Cute and funny kitty 😍 [Video: via ViralHog]

Funny kitten, 'Hunting mode' activated with airplane ears! (I'm invisible)

“Haha, those little seal ears are so funny & cute!” “Be vewy, vewy quiet I’m hunting birds” “So damn cute colorpoint Kitty.” :) “That is so fudging awesome, made me laugh so hard!” “Me trying to see what my kids are doing on their phones xD” “LOL, it's like he's a detective and he's catching a criminal while disguising.” [ Video @mrrafalicious]

Amazing vegan cat eating his daily banana 👀

“Mmm so delicious, I like it, Mom.” [Video: via]

ACCESS DENIED (only for cats)

 “Sorry human, you shall not pass!”