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“Look Dad, I believe I can fly.” • “NOOOO Kitty don't try!”

“OMG! The glass saved the cat!” “Ho rischiato l'infarto...fortuna che c'era il vetro.” 😂 “How is that fearless kity not scared?!” "Oh putain j'ai failli faire un arrêt cardiaque, l'immeuble est tellement haut !" “Thanks for the heart attack!” 💔 "Meu coração gelou." 😢 “Don't worry, a cat is able to endure, continue, or survive despite a near encounter with death or disaster because... CATS HAVE NINE LIVES .” 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 "Oh mein Gott, ich dachte, ich würde vor Angst sterben!" “One fact is certain: this cat doesn't have VERTIGO!” "Pensé que iba a caerse!" “Woke up barely and already starting my day off with anxiety.” “Didn‘t see the glass. Well that was a heart attack moment.” 😳 “That background EW!” “That scared me because I didn’t see it was a glass there.” “And my poor heart almost fall out of the window.”😂

“Spidercat vs. curtain veil? Hmmm... a long story!”

“Spidercat Spidercat does whatever a spider can!” “Oh nooooo, RIP+ curtains! ” “Poor desperate woman, she already gave up, she ain't even trying to stop the little monster!” “Mom, I'm ready to go outside right Meow.” "Mira que cabroncillo. El gato escalador! " 😂 “YAAASSS! Curtain climbing is THE BEST!” “I understand this situation pretty well having a hyperactive kitty.” "Encore de superbes voiles qui vont finir en chiffons à poussière, LOL." “Hilarious! The owner is so calm! Resistance is futile.” “R esigned woman says: 'Oh Noes, again and again... I hate those f*cking black cats.” 😁 “This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!” (Cat MEME) “Right, and that's why we have Venetian blinds now!” "My babies used to do that, sot now NO curtains in the living room. :(” “WHAT? Just my daily exercise.” " Какой спортивный котик." “He needs a little ARMY outfit.” "Minha gatinha fazia isso acabou com meus cortinados pior que era de decoraç

Mama cat licking hard & grooming her baby. She loves ♥ him so much

“Aww…so cute British shorthair family.” “She lifted the kitten with her tongue, I am impressed.” “Dying from the cuteness and ♥ love!” [ Video @kesyacaat]

Crazy cat eats MARIJUANA plant! (clearly, this is a suicide)

“'Willy' my Cat can't stop himself from munching on the plants!” "Gato loco-loco comiendo hojas de Marihuana jajjajjjaaja" “Maybe he thinks it's cat grass, so he needs glasses, haha.” (New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA) [Video: ViralHog via]

"Hi hoomans. Look, I can fly faster than your slow airplane, Byyyye...

... and DEAL WITH IT."