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“Come at me flying floof!”

“He trusts you to catch him as he falls into your hands.” “Well done! I’d love mine to do this!” “Not for me. I’ll pass on a 12 pound flying fluff with claws, haha. ” “Just so cute and precious.” “Pouncing felines are so amazing!” “All I see is a cloud of fluff flying my way.” “If this is not trust, then what is?” “Look at that true faith she has with her owner.” “Slow motion fluffs.” “Come at me Bro  Kitty.” “The last thing you see with a Ninja cat... before you die!” “Awww I dream my floof would jump to me like this.” [ Video @nevaangels_cats]

Cool cat enjoying fitness time with kid on elliptical exercise machine

Team spirit: "C'mon... Faster... Faster... Faster!" [Video: America's Funniest Home Videos]

That moment when kitty discovered he’s got teeth

“What a cute little kitty.” “Aww he's so adorable, playful and innocent!” “What in fkin' world of cuteness is this smol thing?” “What a fuzzy kitten! He's like a little round fluff ball. So cute.” “'Figgy' is such a cutie.” [ Video @fluffy_nerfs]

Oh my... Giraffe cat has a fuck*ng long neck!

“What giraffe? I'm a just a flexible CAT resting my poor tired head in my basket, OK?!”

Jerk cat knocking things over for no reason

The reason why sometimes our rooms are so messy (but not the only one, isn't it? ;) “But WHY, kitty?” “Hmmm...Honestly I have no idea...”