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Milk Shower for the breakfast? OK, you're doing it right... 😂

“Uhhh what happened Bro, it's raining milk?” “Nope, just my 'Mlem Mlem Mlem'... ” "Desayunando: cuando compartimos los crispi!" “Got milk?” “Hey Big bro, look what you have done to me!”

BOOM! Suddenly a tired cat falls asleep ( a stone)

Nap attack? You'll never see it coming! “cat.exe has unexpectedly crashed and needs a reBOOP.” “ playing dead?”

Angry cat is fuck*ng angry!

That awkward moment when you realize your cat deeply hates you :/ “Well, your cat is not amused and I think he wants to kill you! Good luck...” 😄

CATzilla strikes again and attacks the yellow train

“STAHP! You shall not pass! I'm the Boss here!” [Video: funny cat compilation]

Rasta psycho cat

 High on drugs I presume? “yes, on Jamaician catnip!”