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Accidental snow bath. Bad idea to jump down from the table!

 “Oops, too much snow for me, today! Retreat Retreat!” "Sei stupendo anche in mezzo alla neve!" “Awesome. I bet you didn’t need a bath for several days.” 😹 “Run cat, run...” [ Video @rackarkatten]

Cute kitty passionately watches Tom & Jerry cartoon on 'his' laptop

“Very interesting... Come on Tom, catch that naughty Jerry mouse! ” "Esta 'enganchado' a estos dibujos: que cosita tan linda." “The're evolving. Next step: NETFLIX for kitties.” “And he found a very comfy position.”

SPLASH! Big-curious-clumsy ginger cat falling in the bathtub full of water!

"HAAAAALP ME, guys, I've made a HUGE mistake!" [Video: PETacular Compilation]

Meanwhile a crazy cat lover striked again!

 “What crazy? Just a funny dressed up cat with an amazing hat walking with his red balloon, nothing else.“ "Hmmm... Mom, tell me the truth: am I cute, ridiculous or ridiculously cute?" [Video: Todaycatinhistory]

Innocent kitty discovering a ferocious shark for the first time (out of bound effect)

“Mom, come quick, I request your assistance, I sense danger from the 'Wild Ocean'' channel with a BiG weird fish!”