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Aww... Kitten 💕 love is unconditional!

“Gimme a little kiss, Dad.” “What a sweet & lovely kitty.” “Pay attention to me, 'cose I love you.” “ Real men love cats ♥ and kitties ...” “You have the cutest kitten I have ever seen.” “Smol kitten caring.” ❤️ [ Video @fluffy_nerfs]

Monorail cat: “Helping my human to do her yoga section!”

The cat's just chilling and super relaxed, haha “So cute and affectionate kitty“ “Woah! The girl is super flexible!” 👀 “Ma il pelo? Altro che yoga.” [ Video]

“NO! Don’t touch me during current pandemic: social distancing!”

“Playful baby goat: play with me, play with me!” “Headbutt please. Just one, a little one!” “Me (you) attempting to make a new friend.”

Funny Scottish fold cat confused by her new hat. "Get it off my head!”

“HaHa, help her, she's struggling to remove this unexpected ribbon stuck on her head.”

Cinemagraph • Taylor Swift showing a weird ginger cat...

 ... shaking off water in slow motion. “Shake shake shake that (wet) body!”