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/!\ TRENDiNG! /!\ Turn your fluffy cat into a 'Purring fur hat' for cold days

“Amazing! I have never seen 2 cats this calm. I would lose both eyes with my cat but maybe I should get a new fluffy kitty in preparation for next winter?” “The first one ► 'Meanwhile in USA , and the second one ► 'Meanwhile in Russia '.” πŸ‘ [Video: animalsdoingthings]

Adventures of a fearful MeerCat in the snow...

“He's thinking about going out into the snow, but he hesitates.“ “I sense danger: maybe there are ferocious snow wolves or snow bears around here?” “Curious cat is curious.” [Video: via tanner1997 @TikTok]

“Come at me, baby!” • “Weeee, I'm comiiing, Mom!”

“'Pixie' has the cutest little runjump. She’s simply gorgeous.” “I love this. What a good jumper!” “As a cats lover for many years I’ve noticed that black cats are the funniest.” “It was a flying hug!” “Look at the jump that Princess takes.” ❤️ [ Video @black_cat_tack]

Funny sleepy cat repetitively sticking his tongue out like crazy, haha

“Catnip overdose? Or dreaming he's licking a delicious ice cream?" “Mode MLEM MLEM MLEM activated!” [Video: America's Funniest Home Videos]