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Cute kitty following her human, bouncing in a kitty way

“Follow the leader.” “Copy cat hooman.” “Look Dad, I can do it.” “Dance with me.” “Aww never get tired of watching so cute kitties.”

Two meditating cats purrfectly wagging their tails in sync!

“Amazing, It’s all in the timing.” “So funny and cute.” “A new cat breed: windshield wiper cats.” “They're so calm, cool and Zen.” 👌 “Pendulum tails: TIC TOC TIC TOC...” “The real TikTok cats.” [ Video @miesthecat]

Affectionate cat knocks a little kid down with...2 headbutts, haha!

C'mon, FiNiSH HiM! “Cats love to cuddle with little hoomans they said, haha!”

Weird black cat kneading his white fluffy blanket

Scary black without eyes? A black nightmare. “Dude, basement cat is in your bed!” [Video: Rebekah Salter‎Cat Videos]

Amazing Ninja cat doing a purrfect back flip in order to catch his toy

“Oh, he's gonna fail! He's gonna fail! Fail! FAIL! Aaah... well, that was pretty cool.” “WOAH! He managed to catch the toy with the mouth !!!” [Video: Ncell50 @]