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WOW! What an incredible jump!

“Would be incredible if you could jump as a human 6 times the height of your body!”  😅 “Amazing BENGAL cats!” 👏 “Bengal cats = Ninja cats!” “Never give up! Try again, you can do it!” “Hey kitty, next time, use the tree, it'll be easier.” ;) "Vorrei essere un gatto." “Yup, amazing huntress!” “And cats always land on their feet.” [ Video @bengalcatsworld]

Magic drawer trick: invisible and visible black cat

I think I know how it's done: just underneath the drawer, there is a calculator that, when the drawer closes, divides by zer0. Then, some sort of black hole opens for just a split second and the cat is spawned directly from The Internets, haha 😁” [Video: TheMeditron]

Small cat door? Chubby cat found an unexpected solution....with the door for hoomans :)

 This is my cat Leroy's solution to make it through the door. It's funny as Hell! “This cat is so smart! You can almost hear him thinking when he looked over and saw the door was open. Amazing! Even knows he can push better and easier going in back first.” [Video: LeroyLowrider]

Snuzzy kitty climbing up the couch like a (mini) spider cat

“Hi Mom. For me, it's not just a couch, it's a high MEOWntain!” “Awww cute lil babe!” “Una cosa tan pequeña! Me muero de amor ❤ qué peluditas.”

When your cat is trying to impress you!

“Look into my eyes, human slave.” “Feed me hooman, feed me hooman, feed me hooman...”