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Crazy 'Backflip cat' is backflipping day & night and everywhere! 👀

“OMG! They gotta practice I guess. Ever see them falling..they use that same move midair to land on their's really amazing!“ “They told me I can be anything so I became Bruce Lee cat, right?” "Gatito acrobata in action.” “I think he's fighting invisible Ninja cats!” “Kung Fu cat, don't mess with him!” “King of backflips.” 👍 “Hmmm... somebody spent his life watching too much Naruto”

OMG! The bravest spider cat strikes again!

No fear, no impurrssible mission and F*CK gravity because... CAT! “Extreme purrkour!” “WOW! The jump through a small opening in the wall is scary and ameowzing!” “Could you imagine a døg achieving such a feat, hahhahha!” 😜

Meanwhile in USA, meanwhile in..... They run, run, run...... HAHAHA! 😂

Meanwhile in USA girls run after cats, in France People run to meet kitties but in others countries that's a whole other story, hahahaha! (OK, it's just humor 😋 Of course, in all countries of the World there are cat lovers  💕 especially in Japan and Turkey... )

Just a masseuse cat giving fennec fox a relaxing massage!

Amazing and cute interspecies friendship. [Video: Cat lovers]

Playful cat enjoys sliding on the hardwood floors, so his human...

...pushes him around with the blue broom, again and again. “Well, that isn't a very effective way to clean your floors, but still fun nonetheless, haha!” [Video: Animals United]