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Check out 'Maru' with his new black moustache! 👍

“You're very 'Hercule Poirot', dear Maru with your moustache. Purrfect Agatha Christie cat. ” “Haha, Maru looks not really amused. He's like 'Hooman, watch when you’re sleeping'.” “OK human, you mustache me but wait until tonight... I'll tease you too until you can't sleep.” “Nope, Maru's face always like that, but that doesn't mean not happy.” “Scottish fold cats naturally looked annoyed. Maru is anything but annoyed, just a fluff ball loving life with his owner, a great and famous cat lover.” “Well, It's not a mustache but a 'mustachio'.” “He is truly the most patient, gentle cat I have ever seen.” “Maru is SIMPLY THE BEST! I love him, we love 💕  him for ever.” “Born to be a meowdel.” “Funny trompe-l'œil mustache.” “And what about his big head stuck in a piece of cardboard box, LOL! He's so tolerant.” [ Video @maruhanamogu]

Awwdorable 💙 surprised kitty: “WHAT?”

“What did you say, Mom?  It's bath time FOR ME , not for you!?” “Super cuteness overload!” “What a cutie. Please NO bath for her!” “Oooooh Hi Mom! You're home early. It's not what it looks like…I can explain: I don't want to take a bath.”

SELF CARE. “Brushing my teeth in sync with Mom.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s freaking adorable!” “Your gorgeous Chinchilla Persian cat is living her best life.” “Funny toothbrush time (or game?) but it's no easy for your white fluffy.” [ Video @katebeckinsale]

Cat chasing falling bubbles in slow motion

Very relaxing cat GIF, isn't it? ;)

Fearful MeerCat standing on bed monitoring what's going on in the street

“OMG, guys... the COPS! Flush all the catnip under the bathtub.” [Video: Tiger Funnies Compilation]