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Two funny kittens playing hard in a pipe

“Bro, catch me if you can...” “Sis, catch my tail if you can...” “Endless game.” “Endless portal.” “Endless purrsuit.” “Endless cuteness 💗” “'Follow the leader' Game. But who is the leader and who is the follower?”

“WEEEEEEEE! I came in like a wrecking baaaall” 🎶

“Iiiiiii'm gonna swiiiiing from the chandelieeeeer, from the chandelieeeeer meow...” ♪ ♫ "Oggi un grande spettacolo da circo.". "When your cat becomes Tarzan!" “Et après cet épisode de jeu, il va s'étonner que son chat grimpe aux rideaux comme un dingue, LOL.” "Das brauch ich für meine zwei Teufel."  “The most fun game of the day.” "Mi gato hace eso con las cortinas, llevo varios visillos cambiados.” “Black kitties = best kitties” "Você todinho com os gatinhos, né KKKK." “He looks like he is having a blast!” "Ni a mis hijos les he permitido, lo que les permito a mis gatitas... creía que era la única, jajaja!"

Self control with the new budgie >> Level: 100. Cute and gentle cat

“Decisions decisions.. do I boop this bird up or pet it?!” "Qué dulce! 💕 Está echándole la bendición, jajjaaja!" “He looks very polite! "Нежность и любовь." 😍 “Me scared to touch bae when she’s angry.” “Me scared to touch my girlfriend when she's on period .” 😂 “Je te ferais bien un petit câlin, mais je ne suis pas sûr que tu sois consentante, alors par les temps qui courent je préfère m'abstenir..." "Ayyy, qué bonito ese gatito!" “Should i do it? Nah hooman will get mad... but maybe if they don’t see it? No i can’t hooman might be angry.” "Guardare ma non toccare..." “Me with sweets and chocolates in the supermarket.” 💋 "'Che simpatico pennuto' pensa il gatto." “Friend (but whispering)” "Muito fofos!" 💖 “Shy cat is shy.” "Bellísimo, tierno, hermoso, precioso, adorable: tremenda lección para los humanos." “Precious and so sweet! Kitties can be so tender.”

When your lazy cat helps you while you're playing games :/

“Yep, I like to help you, my hooman: Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz...” [Video: fubuki765]

New game: 'Try to cut spider paws' • “GOTCHA! 8 paws - 2 = 6”

“Brave cat playing with a BIG deadly spider!”. “ C'mon kitty, not only 2 paws...FINISH IT!” 😆 “Hmmm, for now he still has his 9 lives but be careful kitty!”