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“Nope hooman, don't kiss me... SOCiAL DiSTANCiNG!”

Owner: “We ain’t never did that before.” “Haha, best kitty reaction ever!” “NO! Only kitties can kiss me!” “ACCESS DENIED.” Kitty: “No no we don’t do that here, we're in public.” Funny kitten was like: “Nah! Hold up x2, we never done this before what you doing there?” “Wait, only MEN can kiss me because I'm a girl.” Funny cat refuses to be kissed. Cat lovers will understand... 😆 "DO NOT WANT!" “Wait for it, sometimes my cat does the same thing, haha.” “Why kitty? ” • “Because CAT, that's why!”  Back an forth 😾

When the catnip hits, haha! (2 GIFs)

Don't try to understand: just because CAT! “I have no idea what I'm doing but.. Full speed ahead!” “Honey... call the exorcist!” "No le busques una explicación, simplemente es un... gato loco loco loco jajaja!" 😂

Amazing 'Macha' & her 9 (!) blue British shorthair babies (2 GIFs)

“What an adventure! A Litter of...9 was a lot! So it was real teamwork to make it work. 'Macha' was amazing and brave. We try our best to help her. For weeks we fed the kittens together, she started with breastfeeding and then we were doing our part with the bottle. Today everyone is doing very well and 'Macha' lives a life of a Queen where she is very happy.” “Thank you for your great love ❤️ Macha is a super Mama cat” "Quelle superbe famille nombreuse, ces chatons sont magnifiques, on dirait des peluches." “The mother looks so proud, satisfied and happy.” "Mega drollig wie die da schon spielen oder vollgefressen rumliegen" 😅 "Stell dir vor wir hätten die alle - Inch sterbe vor Süßheit." [Video @british_closdeugenie]

Cat acting like a (mini) bear trying to catch honey from honeycomb

“They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became a Bearcat!”


Cat paws are just purrfect! Teddy bear  jelly bean toes