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This is why working from home is impurrsible for cat lovers, haha 😄

“Suddenly, double attack of cuteness.” 💕 “Mom, Pay attention to us, pet us, feed us...” “This is what happens when you are trying to work from your home office with two affectionate twin cats.” “This is just hella cute, pure ♥ love.” “And the (poor) woman is sitting on the edge of her chair to make room for the cat.”  😼 “Slapping machine in action on the desk, haha.” “That awkward moment when you realize that one of your cats thinks that your back is a...purrfect scratching post!” 👀

OMG! Kitty made a super-hyper-mega MESS in the Bathroom!!!

“My new cat 'Frankie' tried to get at something (???) on my bathroom self and chaos followed. He knocked the entire thing over and then celebrated by shredding a brand new roll of toilet paper. My reaction was 100% genuine as I started recording before I actually saw the mess...“ “This is why we can't have nice things, in the bathroom, in living room, in the sleeping room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, well... NOWHERE!” “Mode 'TOTAL DESTRUCTION' activated!” “But why my sweet kitty? ” “ Because F*CK YOU , that's why...” 😸 “High-energy cat totally destroyed bathroom and... for free, hahaha!” [Source: X, Norman, Oklahoma - USA, via]

Crazy kitty tries to catch the goldfish in the fish tank!

“Are you mad kitty?” “Sorry hooman,  but I'm hungry, you forgot to feed me yesterday and I'm WATERPROOF so...” “Poor kitty has a sad face, he looks so disappointed: so close yet so far away.” “New cat breed: the seal cat.” Goldfish: 'CATch me if you can, Bubble...Bubble...Bubble...”

Ultimate fight between two ferocious wild beasts!!!

“Training for kitten wrestling championship!” “Smol kitties battle for the best spot on bed because it's nap time.” "Dios mío, es un GIF con alto contenido de sensibilidad, jeje." “Adorable bunny kick: tiny cat but he already knows how to cat.” 👍 Kitty 1: “Rawwww I'm a dangerous Tiger!” Kitty 2: “Rawwww I'm a dangerous Lion!” “Finish him, it's a bad kitten!” Previously... Little ♥ monsters

Curiosity scared the cat (super fast cat-like reflexes)

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat this time, but it sure scared the hell out of him 😂 “Startled cat is f*cking starled!” “Sneak attack: wait for it.” [Video: FunnyCatsworld] Boing! Boing! Boing!