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Clever cat manages to close the rear hatch of cars!

“Let me show you dude, I will get it!” “Yep dude, you win, well done, you're my hero, amazingly strong! “When your cat helps you when you're stunned.” “They're evolving, they're evolving, next step: get a driver's license.”

OMG! Very very very hungry kitten wildly devours a roasted turkey!

Kittens are so sweet, gentle and cute they said. Hmmm...” “Smol monster but big stomach, haha.” “Mine! Miiine! Miiiiiiiiine!” “Greedy small beast.” “Fast 'OM NOM NOM' Level:1000” “Super 'Fast food' because no time to lose, LOL!” “ When your diet is finally over , Mwhahahaha!” 😂 “When you have to admit that your kitten is NOT VEGAN !” 😞

Cinemagraph • Thirsty cat licking an ice ball in a funny and fast way

Mlem Mlem Mlem Mlem

Curious cat scared of strange furniture kit (funny reflexes)

“WTF is that sh*t, don't mess with me hooman, you know that I hate your IKEA furnitures, they're so sneaky and dangerous!”

Exhausted cat sticking his tongue out (Check out 38 More COMA NAPs!)

“Blargh... I'm dead!” - “OK kitty, RIP+” “9 lives - 1 =  only 8 lives left.” “When the catnip kicks in!” “Funny *BLEP*” [Video: America's Funniest Home Videos]