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Cute cat eating his bowl of soup like....a human baby!

Good boy Om Nom Noming his delicious soup like a little Prince. “Proof that our beloved Kitties are our Babies.” 💕 💕 “Cuteness level: 'Aww... I'm dying” [Video: meowslovers] 

Unexpected panic and a chain reaction leads to an epic chaos!!!!!

“It happened abruptly and it is a total chaotic situation ► Total abrupt chaos!” “Hmmm... I'm so confused, what sent them scattering?” “They're really spooked so I'm wondering if it's a smoke alarm or something going off?” “Nope, I think they saw invisible ZOMBIES that's why!” ”Dude, why are we running like crazy?” “I have no idea, stop asking questions and!” “That was the longest startle I've ever seen.” “Haha, there is a lot of cat driftiiiiing.” “And not a single Red dot was caught that day, hahahaha!” “That black cat wins the award for best scrambling legs.” [Video: via OllyTwist]

4 crazy spider kittens, nothing can stop them, they mad! 😂

Follow the leader... 1...2...3... “So funny and innocent kitties.” “And now, how are you going to get back down from there?” "Parecen lagartos, o son espías, o los mordió una araña radioactiva." 😂 "Ah oui, c'est bien beau de grimper partout comme des écureils, et maintenant comment allez-vous redrescendre de là ?" “Smol Spider cat(s), smol spider cat (s), do(es) whatever (a) smol spider cat(s) do(es).”

Black cat super high on catnip! He's flying in the room...

“? Dude, what the f*ck are you doing, are you OK?” “I'm the black Devil cat, gimme MOAR catnip, MOAR...MOAAAR...” “Well, I understand your problem, I call the Vet and the Exhorcist!”

Ladies & gentlemen, may I introduce you to 'THE DANCiNG QUEEN' ♪ ♫

“What a pretty and SEXY dancer.” “OMG, the pink (bra)8” 😂 “OMG the hat/wig!” 😂 “She's got the rytm, purrfect dancer.” “Meanwhile in Japan... loca loca loca... crazy cat lover.” “Those sweet moves, I need a choreographer like her!” “So patient and tolerant kitty, my cat would kill me if I tried to...” [ Video @ AliceCatForest]