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Awwdorable kitty & tiny hamster taking a nap together

“Hug me big tight bro, I love 💕 you.” "Какая прелест" “Aww so amazing pets living together.” “Don't worry sweet little thing, I'll protect you.” "Quel couple adorable et pourtant si improbable, les humains devraient s'en inspirer au lieu de se faire la guerre..." “Best friends for ever: amazing and adorable interspecies friendship!” "Hoe schattig." “Peace and love and F*CK predatory instinct.” "Parecen Tom y Jerry, cuando no están peleando." 🤣 “The tiny hamster looks so happy in the arms of its Big bro.”

BOOM BOOM BOOM [...] Purrfect STRIKE! Maru's dynamic walk

“WHAT? A strike? Where?” “Maru is pure beauty, such elegance and so...graceful,,haha 😅” “My Job Here Is Done, What Else?” “Too much flufff.” “Semplicemente adorabile.” 💖 “Maru! You are so pawesome and loved all around the World!” “Such a supermodel, whatever!” “Trop fort le Maru, il a tout démoli en 3 secondes et avec classe !” 👍 “Wait girls, I'm not chubby, not clumsy, just big boned, that's why.” 😸 [ Video @ maruhanamogu]

“Noooo Sister, NO touching the spinning thing, it's dangerous!”

They're so innocent, cute and funny. “Kittens that discover the world of humans are so funny...” “The standing kitty is so KAWAiiiiii!” Sis: “Bro, what is that weird spinning thing, a mushroom ? I sense danger.” Bro: “Don't be afraid, spinning things have inertia, which means they keep spinning unless something slows them down.” Sis: “WHAAAAAT? You're a genius!” 👀 Playful and fearless!

Bengal cat giving back massages to his human during Yoga exercises

"Same here, as I have my Yoga exercises, my cat is playing with me." "He trying to help her, giving a good body massage, specially on the back such a good boy." “I think your cat is in love with you ...” “Cat DOMiNATION! He's the master and you're his slave, hahaha.” 😁 [ Video @os_bengals_de_rosanna] Purrfect & SEXY neck massage 👍

Spring time... Love ♥ is the air... Cute Eskimo kiss

“An 'Eskimo kiss', 'nose kiss', or 'nose rub', is the act of pressing the tip of one's nose against another's nose, usually interpreted as a friendly (and more ♥) greeting gesture in various cultures. In certain Eskimo cultures, this gesture is also known as a 'kunik'.”