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“Hmmm, pretty juicy cheeseburger! Lemme see it closer...”

“Mysterious food for me, hooman? With mouse meat inside?” “Hmmm... Weird food, I sense danger, it's a trap...”

7 cute kitties but one of these one is not like the others...

“In every flock there is the black sheep.” “I didn't see the smol black kitty among them at first glance.” "Il est tout mignon le pauvre petit mouton noir..." "Alaio de gato.... balaio de amor." ❤️ "Awwww sind die alle süß." 😍 “Can I have one of these adorable baby kittens? Pleaaase...” "Amor que lindos." "Che carini, il nero  ❤️ li voglio tt" “Ginger & black Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.” [ Video @ kitty_fostering_oz]

Amazing! 2 pigs taking their friend - the Cat - for a little walk in the street!

It’s obvious: this cool ragdoll cat is a good boy. “Those pigs are purrfect bodyguards.”

And now... Mode 'Paranormal CATivity' activated!

“Bro, what the heck are you doing?” “Vroom Vroom Vroom, Houston I'm ready right Meow, awaiting your instructions.”

Angry cat revolts when his human tries to close the fridge door!

I told you “DO NOT CLOSE the fridge, ONLY OPEN!” “He want fresh air, it's a hot day.” “I think he doesn't want to get his paws squished, haha.” [Video Source: RM Videos] It's just a dream, human... go back to sleep...