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Affectionate sleepy cat is in love with his human

“Don't leave me my beloved hooman, let me hug your arm, wanna sleep with you 'cose I LOVE ♥ YOU.”  “Real men love cats.”  [Video: welovehortvideos]

When your adorable kitty thinks he is a human baby

“Oh my goodness what a little sweetheart.” “He muerto de amor!” “Smol cat in its smol crib.” "Une petite berceuse pour que bébé s'endorme en douceur..." 👍 “Quando tu for dinda quero um carrinho assim.” 😍 “Like a (mini) BOSS!” [ Video @ fluffy_nerfs]

The famous Cat MEME! Funny 'Minette' vibing to 'Levan Polkka' ♪ ♫ [Vibing cat No. 11]

'Minette' is a cool and funny white kitty living in Québec (Canada), rhythmically bobbing her head as if to the beat of a song. She's also known as the FAMOUS 'Vibing cat'  or 'CatJam' (CatJAM is a BetterTTV custom Twitch emote) ' Bilal Göregen ' is a famous Turkish BLiND singer (33 year old) and street-drummer who has gained a huge popularity on YouTube ( 78,000,000 + views !!! 👀) after his 'Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka' with funny 'Minette' goes viral on social media sites!   ViDEO >> The famous cat MEME. 'Minette' vibing to 'Levan Polkka' played by 'Bilal Göregen'. HaHaHa, the lyrics of the song: ' PAI PAPA PAI PA RIBIRIBA RISETE LADIDADO I A PAI PAPA AI PA IPA RIBIRIBIRI SETELADO APA DILADILA EJADO TAKI TAKI TAKITUKU DEJATO DILA DIJA I DE JADO KERAKI TAKITAKITAKI TUKU DELADO AI PA AI PA RIBIRIBA RISETE ...' OK 😄 don't try to understand, just enjoy the song... Now, &#

Cinemagraph • Nap time: tired cat sleeps on its back in a funny way

Zzzz...Talk to the tail or to my right leg... Zzzz 

Cool cats with sunglasses chilling (hard) on Sunday morning

“Beautiful cats but lazy cats.” "Wie kann man so entspannt sein." “WHAT? Don't blame us, It's sunday morning so WE CAN...”  “Quoi ? On a plus le droit de glandouiller un dimanche matin ensoleillé?" "Ich hab auch solche Brillen.... Ist mein Bollerkopf leider zu groß fü." “They're like: 'Wassup hooman?' [ Video @ amy_simba]