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Coby: “I like the corn cob but I’m gonna need to floss between my fangs after this.”

“'Coby', you’ll need baby floss for the baby teeth though.” “Gone vegan?” “'Coby' is so handsome it melts my heart.” “You are hungry, good boy 'Coby'. Eat your veggies.” 🌽 “I'm jealous on how much coby is enjoying that.” “Cat on the cob. Yummy yummy corn.” 😻 “How much do you rate the corn, your highness 'Coby'?” [ Video @ cobythecat]

“Taking this cute little one home” 💕

You sir, have been adopted! “That's a tiny little marshmallow.” “Following the (good) leader.” “You're the chosen one.” “You sir, are a hero.” ”Real men love cats (and kitties)”

Clever cat rings HiS low doorbell (rubbing his left cheek) when he wants to get into the house

“Our cat 'Bruno' lets us know he wants in by ringing his (low) doorbell. He only does it when he knows we're awake and not in bed, so the bell never goes off at 4 in the morning. Funny & smart cat.” “When I was a kid we had a cat that would ring the door bell at 5am everyday to come back in.” “Beautiful GiNGER cat!” [Video: Patrick Dougherty]

Clumsy cat tries to catch the red dot on...

...the wall and falls behind the arm chair 😂 “Gravity won!” “Bye Kitty, see you later...” And Reverse 😄

Happy white cat is happy :)

And he smiles in a funny and colorful way.