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Funny cat vibing to white cat vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 13]

 Super long whiskers 😁 [Video: whisqey @TikTok]

Mommy's arms are made of ♥ tenderness....

And her white & pink Kitty is made of pure cuteness... “My precious.” “I love you baby, do you understand? I love you.”

“This is how 'Callie' is doing her daily exercise...

...burning calories when she climbs up and down stairs :) She's my BIG fluff ball and I ♥ love her.” [Video: via]

Serious cat is serious (Cat Meme)

 Because Internet is a serious job...

Man tried to rescue a Ninja cat fell down into a deep hole (epic fail! :)

“That move was so cool I thought the cat would pull the ladder up and leave him stranded.” “Just a Ninja Cat doing a purrfect parkour.” “So fast & purrious.” 👍 “That was amazing! That cat climbed up and out in a corkscrew, haha.” “ And then the cat robs the ladder .” 😂 “Assassin's Creed is shit compared with this cat!” “It just needed the motivation.” “Bitch who do you think I am? I ruled Egypt so I don't need no f*king ladder, I can fly!” “SpiderCat SpiderCat, does whatever a SpiderCat does. He can climb, he can jump, he has nine lives your have one. Lookout, here comes the SpiderCat.” [Video: via nomore123]