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'Multi-tasking' mode activated. Good and clever Mama cat...

Spying on neighbors cat and 💕 gently petting her sleepy baby!” “Oh my goodness! So cute, cats could teach us a thing or two.” “Adorable maternal instinct.” “Two in one because no time to lose.” “Cuteness Overdrive Engaged!” “White kitty looks so tired... Zzzz...Zzzz...” [ Video @maprang_gigi]

“OMG...have you seen this weird spinny thing? WTF?”

“Birdie, Little lamb, Ghengar... What the heck?” "Those monsters, they're hanging them by their necks ! Am... Am I next?" “I don't know which universe I am in. Do you?” “Hmmm...I sense danger... It's a trap.” “Is it a crib for the baby or for the chubby cat?” “I hope they don’t always have this many cushions in the crib.” “Trippy cat is fuck*ng trippy.” “Seriously, why are there so many pillows in there? Weird parents.”

Funny 'Lamp Cat' vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 17]

“This is really cool. I like the enlightenment at the end, Lumen. So illuminating!” “You're so cute Lampcat,  just vibin'.” “Proof that no one can resist to the 'Levan Polkka'” “Funny and adorable lamp cat: this is great.” 👍 [Video:]

“Wait, are you looking at my ear fluff? Is it sticking up or something?”

“Nope not at all! It's all in place, it's purrfect dear 'Barnaby', we assure you!” 😋 haha “Wow! Who is your stylist 'Barnaby'? Your hairdresser did a great job today! What type of mousse do you use cutie?” “His hairdresser did a great job!” 😄 “His face just melts my ♥ heart! Why those sad  😞 eyes, smile kitty 😀” [ Video @ barnaby_persian]

Funny cat sleeping, dreaming & talking at the same time (3 in one)

“Excuse me kitty, what do you say?” “Zzzz... Bla Bla Bla.... Zzzz... Bla Bla Bla...” “OK, I understand, it's a long cat story.” “Mlem Mlem Mlem and BLEP! Purrfect cattitude.” [ Video @ ricorico_rico]