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Clever & agile white kitten skateboarding in the appartement! “They see me rollin', they hatin'...”

“Our kitten, 'Yeti', is a 4-month-old Himalayan cat living in Vancouver BC. I skateboard frequently and sometimes mess around with my skateboard in our apartment. 'Yeti's fascination with the board led him to start using the skateboard as a cat toy, where he would roll from either side of our apartment. There was no guidance needed as he picked it up naturally .“ 👍 “Bae is totally flabbergasted ! WHAAAT? This is impurrssible, I can't believe it!” “OMG! What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen!” “Recuerda : tus cosas son sus cosas, jjajjajaja!” “Kittens are evolving: WEEEEEEE full speed ahead!” “If it fits, I sits (including on my skateboard)” “Like a (mini) Boss.” [Video: ViralHog]

SELF-DESTRUCTiON 😂 Crazy cat forgot how to cat a& how to fight, bunny kicking...his own face!

“Hey you, crazy cat, stop kicking your own face! Bunny kicks are for your enemy not for yourself!” “Hmmm... cat.exe encountered an error, please reboot your cat before any more fight!” [Video: via Jocicuo @ICHC]

Funny *dramatic* Siamese cat 'crawling' on stairs, haha 😆

Poor cat, he is fuck*ng ugly with these funny ears, falling whiskers and crossed eyes ;) "Ну очень странный кот!" “I think he sees ferocious Zombies in the room.” [Video: Сам Себе Режиссёр 2.0]

Mode 'Purrfect CATmouflage' activated ;)

Here is the proof that cats have also mastered the art of ca(t)mouflage, using rugs, carpets, cushions, they blend in to their background purrfectly. “Shhh... No one can see me, I'm an in-vi-si-ble predator!” “WOW! Your long cat is fuck*ng loooong!” 😋

Funny kitten with earphones vibing to his fav music [Vibing Cat No. 19]

“Me tonight in my bed...” “Me EVERY night in my bed, haha.” “This kitty felt the music!” “This is a GOOD one!” 👌 “Contagious... not only kitty shaking its head, me too ♪ ♫ ♪.”