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New 'Tom and Jerry' adventures • “I said: now you stay in the shoe!”

“No No No, you stay there and don't try to escape!” “Stay in the shoe and no one gets hurt.” “You must live here now, OK ?” “It's your new 'sweet home', do you understand little thing?” “Stubborn cat is fuck*ng stubborn!” 😂 “Weirdest cat I have ever seen...” 👀 “Don't try to understand: CATS RULE THE WORLD !”

Haha, why make it simple when you can make it complicated?! 😋

When your thirsty cat is an acrobat because...'Cat logic'. “Gorgeous Bengal cat, pawesome colors.” “Good one! I had a crazy one who wanted fresh water. He would sit in tub until you turned it on.” "Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué, hein ?"  [Video: 動物員]

Meanwhile in Paris kitty is playing the accordion... ♪ ♫ ♪

This is a GIF dedicated to the 'bal-musette', an accordion-based tradition that is the very soul of Paris and 'Édith Piaf'.

Funny colorpoint kitten vibing to his fav song (2 GIFs)
[Vibing Cats No. 25 & 26]

And with his eyes closed, he enjoys better... too cute and funny ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪