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New Problem: my 2 cats want to drink fresh water from the the same time!

“Hmmm...One faucet for 2 cats, the struggle is real.” “Bottom cat gets backwash.” “No problemo, bottom cat is waterproof.” 😊 “Funny water drinking contest.”  

“'Mimi' & 'Rita' have clean toe beans & armpits and are now ready to join you for morning brunch.”

“I want these sweet lil babies, please!” “Hey bro, you needs glasses, you're chewing and licking MY paw!” “I love their big bellies!” “Team spirit.” [Video: kellyfosterkittens]

Spying cats? They are everywhere, even behind your kitchen window (a little Privacy please!)

When you think you’re home alone, but you’re NOT! “Excuse me hooman, let me in, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?” 😂 “Open that fuck*ng  window b*tch, I can smell the fish you're cooking!” "Quand le chat affamé du voisin a senti que tu fais cuire du poisson."

Cinemagraph • 'NO NO NO cat' has a (terrible) problem!

Get it off my head! Get it ff my head! Get it off my head! “2 other cats standing still >> Z ero fucks given. “ G ood luck dude...” 😁 “Vibing cat?” 😋 [Unedited video: かご猫]