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A brave Mama cat becomes protective of her little chicks... 💕

“Amazing Mama cat! That is so fuck*ng adorable.” “She's right, she knows that big magpies, ravens, hawks and herons can kill all of them every time, poor innocent chicks.” “I Love the way she glares at that DANGEROUS bird!.” “Cats are very maternal. It’s possible that this cat recently had kittens.” “Yes. Cats that have recently given birth can imprint on any other babies it comes across. Basically when a cat becomes a Mom, any baby it sees it decides: 'This is also my baby!'. And baby chicks are also known to imprint on any mothers they come across.” “The chickin protector, don't mess with her!” “That cat is tucking that chick under her belly just like a real hen!.” “Goodest kitty.” ❤

Weeeeeee! Happy kitty frolicking in blooming dandelions

“I'm happy because it's a sunny day, I love Spring time and those beautiful yellow flowers!” [Video: nomadicmuva] Previously....

“Human, I'm hungry, so please, just give me the snack already, I don't...

...want to play with your stickers anymore..." “OMG, 'Bailey' is so adorable, she's a so gorgeous Ragdoll Cat, I will never be as pretty as this fluffy kitty.” “Pretty and lovely face!!!” 💖 “Sweet lil 'Meow'.” “Beautiful face mask and cute pink nose.” [Video: baileyragdoll]

“Pleeeease Mom, give me a treeeeaaat, I'm a good boooooy!”

“Yep, that's code when they want some food. Please give him Yum Yum, he's so hungry and asking so nicely." "Por favor mira que cosa más mona." “Me begging you to come back ;(” "Cuando te digo que no habrá nadie que te quiera como yo, cuando te pido que en el olvido no me dejes sin razón..." "Não me mostra essas coisas que eu fico surtada!" “Feed me please, Mom my diet is over!” "Quand ton chat gourmand te supplie pour avoir une petite friandise pour la 5e fois de la journée !" [Video: fourfurrytails]