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Loving kitty found a warm pillow and he's in heaven

Owner: "'Nana' con la Mamma." “Oh my heart is melting.” ❤ “I want to be there in place of the... woman. Some might want the opposite aswell haha!” “I will try too." 😂 "아주그냥 겨드랑이 뜨뜻한거좋아하구" "Hum, Il a des jours où je voudrais être un chat roux..." "Et moi, Il y a des jours où je voudrais être un soutien-gorge noir." 😄 “Kiss me Mom, I love you so much.” "Mein Herz ist explodiert als die Pfote kam" 😭 "É bom beijar gatinhos amo amo amo" 💞 “Catto loves momma.” “That paw melted my heart.” "Cómo quisiera ser ese gato."“Ginger cats are the most loving kitties.” "Ich will die Katze sein und du bist die Frau Damn Baby." “How georgous.” "Aí que menino lindo." 😍 “OhMyGoodness what a sweetheart.” “Sometimes you wish to be a cat.” "Ma che Amore." “Cute cat, but I'm sure, someone will focus on something else, hehe. "Eles são os seres mais perfeitos do mundo." [Video: chia

2 adorable kitties playing the 'Tap Tap Tap' game

“So innocent, playful and cuuuute babies!” “Smol purrballs: why are they so cute? It's criminal!” “The one kitten looks like a slightly roasted marshmallow.” “They're wearing beautiful collars.”

Funny cat vibing to white cat vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 30]

“'Dingo' gets into the Vibing cat Meme.” “Haha! I love it.” ❤️ [Video: higginzuela - Los Angeles, California]

Drinking fountain for cat vs. cat logic • Cat: 1 Human: 0 😜

“Damned, bad sunday, my cat still drinks water from faucet. Well, that was $75 wasted on amazon :(" “Haha OWNED! The joy of having a cat. What else?” “Hmmm...wait for it!” “A cat just being a cat.”