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“Oooh shiiiiit! It was an impurrsible mission!“ (At least he tried his best)

“Do you mean: mission impawssible? ” “ The struggle is real , well, was real.”. “Gravity:1  Clumsy cat: 0” “Hardest way to drink fresh water, but hilarious FAIL!” “Funny disaster.” “Epic CATastrophe!” “Me trying to get my degree, LOL!” “I should be like this cat trying hard with my fuck*ng life...” “The moment when the water hit the face: shower time!” 🎵 IIIIIII’m gonna swiiiiiiiing from the chandelie r tuuub fauceeettt 🎵 “Hang in there baby.... BOOM!” “Never give up...Never give up...but sometimes you need to know when to let go.” “I regret my bad decision.” “I've made a huge mistake.” “If water was a Playstation game...” “Bae 💋 trying to get something from a high shelf without simply taking the time to get a ladder, hahaha.” 😂 “Game over.”

Sneaky attack of the white floof (ferocious predator 💗)

“Pawesome new cat breed: the 'Fluffy-Hamster-Cat'.” 😆 “Cats are slowly evolving into 'Tribbles'.” “Fluffle Puff?” “Run, run kitty...” [Video via]

White 'Scottish fold-MeerCat' likes Yogurt more than her humans

“How cute she is eating Yogurt with spoon, she makes my heart milt, I loooooove white cats.” “Have you tried frozen yogurt bars? My cat 'Kari' is addicted to them.” [Video: goyanggy]

Anxious kitty monitors COVID-19 activity!!!

“Don't mess with my family! Keep that sh*t away from us, back OFF virus crap! ” “Clever kitten totally freaks out at sight of COVID-19.”