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Thery are evolving! 2 cats showing off amazing Pole dancing skills !

“Those amazing kitties turn better around a pole than I ever did!” “Best use of a pole EVER!” “You can buy this for me as a house warming gift.” “So agile, even kitties spin better than us 🙄” “Excellent 😂 and that decor is fun too! Very interested in all the amazingness happening in the background!” [Video: meowdevin]

Look at those 2 awwdorable 💕 balls of fur with pointy 'tails' running across the floor...

“I'm adorable and I know it. Wiggle... Wiggle... Wiggle...” “Good one! Exceptionally pointy and wiggly.” “OMG,  the best part is there is not only one wiggly kitten, but TWO!” 😻 😻 “And here we have a rare sight: the early steps of the baby furr potato.” “Run, Run kitty a monster behind you is going to catch you!” “I simply cannot tolerate this level of cuteness: it's crilminal!” “Delightful ravenous kittens chasing down their helpless prey.” “Love the triangle tails!” “What are these chunky lil things, haha?!” “Dust bunnies.” [Video via]

"When your work alarm goes off in the morning and....

Image ask bae to come back to bed for...'Just five more minutes'. The cat is like: "Hey slave, don't move, where do you think you're going with MY pillow?" “How many times have I been lay because my kitty was in the mood to snuggle..." "jajajajajjaja con la comida me hace así. Para que le de carne me agarra la mano." "Oh non, tu ne bouges pas, ton bras est mon oreiller favori, on est pas bien sur le canapé tous les deux pour faire une petite sieste ?" "Jeje, así son mis gatos duermen SOBRE mi mano!" [Video: nikkonub]

Funny cat vibing to white cat vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 32]

Mode CatJam purrfectly activated, YEAH! [Video: luciamandarino]