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Get a black cat they said, they’re so cuddly, they said :(

“Don’t move slave or I’ll put your eye out with my sharp claws.” “Resistance is futile...”

Crazy cat sleeps and eats a sausage slice at the same time, hahaha

“Two in one, he's hungry but so exhausted, because he has only slept 20 hours today, poor cat.” “Meanwhile in Russia cats eat & sleep at the same time, because no time to lose...” 😄 [Video: via ПРИКОЛИЗМ]

Funny cat jumping like crazy on the sliding glass door in order to catch a bug

“C'mon Kitty… 1... 2... 3... 4... 5.......   99… Never give up!”

Epic chubby cat FAIL. Funny clumsy cat get stuck (that big belly)

You shall not pass ► DIET ! Cat: “Yes, I know, I always start my diet on the same day: TOMORROW” (haha, f*ck you, hooman)