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"Please, gimme a little kiss." 💕 Such an adorable face, absolute cutie pie

“It looks like the Cheshire Cat.” “So eine will ich. Bitte speichern.” “Part kitty, park raccoon. I Love that swee Cat.” “Vieni a darmi un bacino bellissimo micino!” “Maman, pourrais-je avoir un petit bisou s'il te plaît ?” “Hey hooman, pay attention to me, I'm hungry, feed me please.” [Video: kote218]

Look at this amazing cat face massage Roller & Relaxer 😋

“COMFORT YOUR KITTY! Most cats love to have their head and cat face massager, it could make your kitties feel calm and happy and they may purrrrrrrrr.” “It's too much, kitty looks so comfy, my Cat would be in heaven with this thing." “Jura que os meus ficariam assim? Eu não tenho certeza Hahahaha." “Así yo cuando me acaricias la barba." "Quand ton chat est paralysé de plaisir en découvrant ce nouveau gadget spécial grattouilles du cou et du menton." [Video: torachanthecat]

Funny cat vibing to white cat vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 33]

The vibing cat: “Just feel the beat, hooman!” [Video: dariadiamandisx]

2 JudoCats playing judo. Sneak attack ► IPON!

Down for the count: one full point. 2 other JudoCats 👍