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“WHAAAT?” (lazy and funny, the chillest cat around town)

“Uncle cat who is 10 years old still loves to chill in this position. He has been sitting this way since he was a small kitten.” “Depressed cat is f*cking depressed!” “Me in the sauna: 'Hi girl, so do you come here often?'” “Wait, I'm NOT fat just a lil chubby.” [Video: ViralHog]

♥ Awwdorable standing kitty playing with owner fingers ♥

Awww...Criminal kitty! 💕 “What a cute a,d brave baby!” “Melted my heart.” “Purrfect balance.” "Attention à ce cruel monstre il pourrait t'amputer d'un doigt !"   “Ya you cute thing I bite your tummy and your fats ufff love yaa.” “This may be the cutest kitty yet.” "Ihr solltet Euch unbedingt zwei Kätzchen zulegen!" “Looks like a lil snow leopard.” "¡No se metan conmigo!" “Purrminator in action!”  "Aaaaaw cochito yo lo quiero" 😍 "진짜 미티겠땅 앙즈야" “Oh yeah, really brutal kitten, haha so cute!” "θα το κανω κ αυτο σταμπα χαχαχαχ" [Video: mo_harutan 숨멎주의]

cat.exe has stopped working => Nap Attack! 👀

Exhausted cat is so exhausted after a tough day. “What a crazy day, I only had 22 hours of sleep: BOOM!” “LOL! That's me 👧 at school every Monday morning.” "Me prima di studiare scienze." "Quand tu t'effondres d'ennui lorsque ta belle-mère raconte pour la 37e fois son voyage de noces à Venise." "Mi vida. Se desmayó de sueño." [Video: kiki_emma_cats]

This is how to walk your cat... in the street WiTHOUT harness 👌

Fun(ny) and cute cat. “Yes kitty, you're a good boy.” “Like a døg, but...cuter.” ♥