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This cat couldn't be less help in the kitchen if it tried!

"LET ME OOOOOUT!" Cat panic = Huge mess! [Video: Storyful Rights Management]

“Just a casual visit to the grocery store with my kitty 'Aurora'” 👩 + 😸

“Let's buy 2 of them and walk through the world with these awesome backpacks.” "Con questo anche patato Travis può venir in viaggio con voi! E a far la spesa, così sceglie ciò che più gli piace." "The cat looks like its in the dryer machine waiting moments before the spin cycle starts, haha." "Quand tu emmènes ton chat à la supérette afin qu'il puisse tranquillement choisir lui-même les menus gourmands qu'il préfère." "Yo le quiero conseguir uno de estos a Luke para poder transportarlo decime si no está buenísimo!." “Cute, quiet and curious Ragdoll cat. Good girl 💗” "Ahahahahah calcola che la volevo comprare questa borsa, però il mio gatto non ci sta lì dentro così tranquillo." [Video: aurorapurr] 

3 funny and amazing cats playing keyboard, singing & ViBiNG all together (2GIFs) [Vibing Cat No. 34 & 35]

YEAH,  ♪ ♫ GOOD VIBES ! ♫ ♪ “This just gets better and better. Hope the drummer's getting some recognition.” “I hope one day after our civilization is gone, aliens come and find this shit, hahahaha!” “Best cat musical group of 202x” “Hmmm... cats are evolving at high speed!” “Purrfect! This is what the Internet was invented for!” 👍 Without caption

Funny Tuxedo cat REALLY wants to catch the Red Dot in the kitchen!

“This cat climbs through every nook and cranny of this kitchen to catch the red dot but fails to find it at the last hurdle (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)“ “A funny way to use your cat to clean the dust on top of furniture, haha." [Video: via]