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Epic Fail! Clumsy cat falling from clothes drying rack

Ultimate Ninja cat Warrior training. “I don't know what it is, but this drying rack always shreds my clothes.” “No, no I don't need your help human. I'm a strong independent... ahhhhhh... I REGRET NOTHING!” “Oh God! I regret everything! I regret this choice! All the crap I destroyed just to blame the døg! God if you save me just one more time” “This is an interesting place. Whoops... that was close. Woah, no, no, oh sh*t, this was a bad idea, HALP,  AAARRRGGHH.” [Video: Loopdeloops]

“Are y'all looking at my butt? I'm sexy and I know it!”

“DAT ASS! Feetie beans and butt butt all in one.” "Sei bellissima ma è il modo di presentarsi?" “Just want to tickle those cute little toes.” "Guarda che bel culetto, haha." “Que fofo! Lo mas sexy que veras hoy que hermosas patitas.“ "Quand ton chat te montre qu'il un a un beau p'tit Q et en plus, il bat la mesure avec sa queue." “Amazing and funny because Cats don't usually like on stomach with back legs stuck out.” "Quando um gato é mais sensual q eu. Que coisa mais lindinha.” "Wenn du mir nicht sofort antwortest - oder ich dir." [Video: tansuke0323] 

Very cool white cat riding, chilling in his window hammock

“Does your cool Cat like to travel in a window hammock, like that?” "Il modo migliore per viaggiare per il tuo gatto." :) "Brauchi fia die maschin." "Trop cool la ballade en voiture dans son hamac perso." [Video: hhhhfamily]

Funny cat - wearing a straw hat - vibing to music [Vibing Cat No. 36]

It’s all about the tunes 🎶 “Shake it off, baby” “Oh cool kitty, you need to teach me your purrfect dance moves.”